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Welcome to Real Seafoods Ltd., suppliers of quality seafood
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Real Seafoods Ltd, is the leading Chilled and Frozen Sea Food Company from West Africa with the most powerful seafood Processing and an experienced Marketing Team. We deal in the Export, Processing, Import and Distribution of Sea food. We have good business partnership with many large scale seafood suppliers around the world to acquire sustained supply of resources.

Our Product line includes: Fresh & Chilled Sea Foods, Frozen Sea Foods - Fish & Shrimps.

Our Product scope includes :
SHRIMPS : Deep Sea Shrimps, Black Tiger Shrimps, Vennamei Shrimps, PUD Shrimps.
FISH : Cuttle Fish, Squids, Octopus, King Fish, Emperor Fish, Sword Fish, Skip Jack Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Long Tail Tuna, Indian / Pacific / Horse Mackerel, Indian Sardine, Croaker - (Yellow/Tiger tooth), Reef Cod, Tilapia, Conger Eel, Ghol, Ribbon fish, Indian Anchovy, Barracuda, Pearl spot, Parrot Fish, Cat fish, Red Snapper, Butter Fish, Rabbit Fish, Milk fish, Blue Swimming Crabs etc.